About Us

About Us

Hello Rockaway! Welcome to Lana’s Loft. Many of you know me already. Perhaps I altered your wedding gown, bridesmaid dress, your daughter’s communion dress or perhaps I just hemmed a pair of pants for you. Maybe you took a sewing class or two from me a while back. I’ve lived and raised my family here in Rockaway for nearly twenty years. In that time, there has never been a women’s clothing store that has catered to needs of this community. We thought it would be a great addition to the neighborhood to have someplace close to go when you need an outfit in a pinch or when your summer guests want to shop locally. That’s why I along with my daughters, Chloe and Kyra, decided to open Lana’s Loft.

Serving Rockaway Park and Surrounding Areas

In a world where everything is becoming so commercialized, with mass-market companies taking over practically every service, we enjoy being a neighborhood shop that can serve the residents of  Rockaway Park, New York, although people outside of our immediate neighborhood have given us their business, as well. We’d like to get to know all our customers on a first name basis and to keep things local and friendly, just like it should be.

Lots of Services for Clients

Best of all, we are a full service boutique.  Remember those? We can alter any garment, including bridal gowns, evening gowns, and men’s suits.  And, with our large selection of women’s clothing and accessories there’s sure to be something for everyone. We hope to become your favorite place to shop!


Lana Meli

P.S.  Our “Grand Opening” was scheduled to take place on November 9th but was thwarted by the storm.We hope to reschedule this event sometime in late spring or early summer. If you’d like to attend, please join our email list and we’d be happy to send you an e-vite! We know that many of you have not yet returned to your homes and hope that your road to recovery is as swift and painless as possible. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.